Hoosier’s Joel Buzzard Leads Troyer Real Estate School

Troyer Real Estate School

Hoosier’s Joel Buzzard Leads Troyer Real Estate School

Joel and Ashlie Buzzard, founding owners of Hoosier Real Estate Group, are in the process of reinventing another family enterprise.

After 40 years building Troyer Real Estate School (TRES) into a highly reputable professional training resource for future realtors in Indiana, Robert (Bob) Troyer has retired. Now he has passed the torch to his grandson Joel Buzzard.

Bob pioneered the program with his wife, Nancy, in 1980 as the first real estate pre-licensing course in Indiana to offer dedicated classroom instruction. Thousands of students have attended TRES, with steady enrollment year after year through the referrals of successful grads.

After graduating from IU’s Kelley School of Business in 2001, Joel took his grandfather’s course at TRES and began his career in real estate and appraisals. From his grandfather, Joel learned the importance of having “a highly ethical and admirable approach to real estate.” Joel has been teaching classes at TRES alongside his grandfather since 2004. 

“Success in the real estate arena demands that you are fundamentally prepared and then seasoned with experience,” says Joel. “We take our students’ preparation very seriously, and we’re proud of our passing rates. There’s nothing better than watching our students smoothly transition into real estate. By sharing our experiences, stories, background, successes, and mistakes with both students and peers, I believe our school is making a positive impact on this industry.” 

As Joel takes over ownership of the school alongside his wife, Ashlie, the couple has big plans for TRES’s future. “TRES’s longevity as a brick and mortar school is a testament to my grandparents’ integrity and commitment. I’m excited to expand on what they built. We have a new website, new real estate courses in development, and online class options coming soon. Life is good, and I am thankful for where we are on this journey.”

New pre-licensing classes are starting every month in Southwest Fort Wayne, while the administrative office remains in Huntington. Learn more about Troyer Real Estate School or register at www.troyerschool.com.

If you are interested in a career at Hoosier Real Estate Group, we highly recommend starting with this course!