7 Traits to Find in a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Top 7 Traits
August 22, 2020

7 Traits to Find in a Real Estate Agent

Your home will likely be one of the largest personal purchases you’ll ever negotiate. Buying or selling real estate can be stressful, but a good real estate agent makes the process easier. A solid 90% of home buyers and sellers use realtors in their property transactions. Unfortunately, most people have few experiences to prepare them for hiring a real estate agent. When it comes to selecting a realtor, how do you choose?

As a 20+ year veteran both practicing and teaching real estate, I’ve noticed certain characteristics consistently show up in good realtors. Look for these 7 traits as you choose your next realtor:

1) Real and Relatable

You will be working a lot with this person. They need to understand your goals. Do they feel authentic? Do you have a connection?

2) Listens to You

Your real estate agent needs to share your vision. They can’t do that if they aren’t listening. When you talk to the person, do you feel heard?

3) Clear Lines of Communication

Real estate negotiations require clearly communicated, fast-paced dialog between parties. Is your agent easy to reach? Do they answer your questions? Are they easy to understand in person and in writing?

4) Your Best Interests at Heart

Does the agent brag about their sales volume, days on the market, or rankings? If so, that agent may be more concerned about maintaining their reputation than getting you a fair price for your home or a property you love.

5) Passion and Honesty

A good realtor is passionate and knowledgeable about real estate — and honest about a property’s potential. Look for a realtor with a reputation for telling the truth, not just what their clients want to hear.

6) Attention to Detail

Mistakes, skipped steps, and inattention to detail can cause delays, exposure to risk, and lost opportunities. Do you feel confident this agent has all their details in order?

7) Strong Core Values

Get to know the agent and what they value. Do they value relationships and community? Honesty and integrity? Ultimately, a good agent must be trustworthy and dedicated to you.

At Hoosier Real Estate Group, we start with these 7 traits as the benchmark for our agents. What makes a good agent also makes a good team member, and a good friend. Feel free to contact any of our agents for a free consultation — we’d love to get to know you, answer your questions, and help guide you in your real estate experience.